Tasmania's only RC-glider-exclusive club

About Us

Our members live on the beautiful glider-friendly island of Tasmania. We fly competition RC gliders mostly in addition to big scale and nostalgic "stick n' tissue" models when the weather is good.

This site features contact info, FAQs (frequently-asked-questions), links to resources such as associated RC clubs both statewide, National or International and links to glider-related resources


SEAT was formed by Bruce Nye, Stephen Boag, Greg Waddle, Norm & Mary Bainbridge in 1990. Primarily Launceston-based, members now hail from all corners of the state.

The majority of our activity centers around flying high-performnce competition gliders across F3J, F3B, F3F, F3K and now F5J categories. For more info on these competition categories, the FAI website is the definitive source.


SEAT enjoys MAAA support

Membership of SEAT comes with compulsory Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA) membership. Affiliation with MAAA means SEAT members receive a wide range of support such as club administration guidance, maintenance and development of Australian-wide policies and procedures, insurance, competition rules, event promotion and club infrastructure funding. If you need to know more about the MAAA this is the definitive source.

MAAA representation at a Tasmanian level is provided by the Tasmanian Model Aeronautical Association (TMAA), this Tas. State MAAA body provides local support. The TMAA site has contact info. for the TMAA Executive as well as local model aero. clubs

SEAT Facebook

SEAT Executive and members maintain an active Facebook Group. It's private so invitation only, but you can request access permission. Topics of discussion range from event info., RC glider construction & repair, new products, trends and photos and videos of club activity and shareable glider-related gossip from around Tasmania, Australia and the World.

jan schilling launches xplorer 3

2024 SEAT Executive

Stephen Boag (Pres. /Secretary), Chris Adams Treasurer/ Webmaster.

A very green Machine

Your SEAT Executive manages club memberships. arranges club events, liaises with the MAAA and promotes the club


SEAT members enjoy access to several sites around Tasmania. Registered sites include Devonport "7AD", and Valleyfield as well as at any MAAA affiliated club in Tasmania on invitation. The TMAA website has a list of MAAA affiliated clubs.