man launches glider seat logoMembers of SEAT build & fly mostly gliders (F3B, F3F, F3J, scale) and the satisfaction of designing and buidling a competitive composite glider is a wonderful feeling.

Crucial to the process is an understanding of aerodynamics, 3d modelling, CAD & CNC, molding and attention to detail. Shown below are a few details of our club projects with an aim of encouraging more of this activity.

Mike, Max & Ian at Valleyfield posing

SEAT has several MAAA approved sites to fly from.

St. Leonards

Our home field, St Leonards, is 10 km from Launceston.

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It's a farming property with permission to fly almost all- year-round, although gate is locked, see SEAT Exec. for access.

Grazing sheep/ cows need occasional sheparding from the winch lines. Winter rain renders field off-limits to vehicles; contact the club for details.

Closest amenities; 3 km to local pub. & shops/bakery. Approx. 11km from Launceston city centre.

Flat field, distant trees, winds mostly N-NW, 60km inland.

L'ton. Airport 6km away. Light aircraft pass overhead at around 1500 to 2000ft. Jets at 2500 to 4000ft.

Overall; super site 7 out of 10.


Vallyfield is our special events field. It's in the middle of Tasmania, the nearest town is Epping Forest. It's a brilliant site; no trees nearby and flat for miles around. Located crnr of Barton and Mt Joy/Valleyfield rds.

Permission needs to be sought before flying. Contact SEAT Exec. for details.

White Hills

Note | As of 2014, access yet to be re-negotiated, until that time, site has no access.

13km from Launceston, a farming property, permission to club members/ associate members to fly all year round. Vehicle access by padlocked gate near White Hills Hall. Contact SEAt Exec. for access permissions. Not a member? Get a member to accompany you. 4wd recommended in wet or damp conditions; leave all gates as you find them.

Mostly slermal (slope-thermal) in N-NW. Howling sou'-westerlies are good on the west slope. Inland site so condtions can be challenging (not recommended for heavy planes).

Closest amenities; 6 km to local pub. & shops/bakery. 3.5km to St.Leonards site.

Grazing sheep aplenty, grazing hawks & eagles too! Please respect their airspace & fly defensively.

Large rock-free landing area on top. Surrounding areas strewn with plane-bashing rocks.
Overall; good site 6 out of 10.

Braddon's Lookout

125km from Launceston.
Significant lift available in W-NW-SW winds. 10 mins from 7AD site. Great second option to 7AD site.
Landing area open but "gritty" in parts thanks to dirt dumping.

Launching is perilous due to turbulence from ever-increasing tree profile. Suggest bungee launch for bigger ships.

Recommended you contact North West Aeromodellers Vice-President Steve Ralph for local info if new to the site.
Overall; super site 7 out of 10.


250KM from Launceston
The township of Stanley hosts members of SEAT every December...some say it takes a year for the hulabaloo to die down.

Stanley offers three main sites; all good, all directions. The aspect shown opposite is the NE slope and rates a "6".

The best slope would have to be the NW. Approx 3km long, facing the sea, steady 45deg. slope rises up to 150ft. Slopers heaven. Great LZ too...plush grass behind the pits.

Ask the property owners first. Courtesy goes a long way.

Rating; The NW site at Stanley is 8 out of 10.